What Doula Care and Education Mean

instaquote-03-01-2015-17-25-44There is a common misconception that all doulas and independent childbirth educators support only natural birth, midwives, breastfeeding, home births, etc. While I am sure there are doulas and educators that only support those things, I am also sure they are often the exception and not the rule. As a doula and educator I support knowing your options, making informed decisions and most importantly following your intuition. In my training and education I was taught to support women and their families throughout their maternity journey, not to judge or make decisions for them. Continue reading

Why Birth Matters


We know birth is important,  we know it is a big day but do we know just how much it really matters? We have all likely heard a new mom tell her birth story in such detail and it seems so significant, but it is a fresh memory and thus does not seem overly significant.  Have you ever asked the mother of a twenty year old about her labor? What about the mother of a forty or even sixty year old? Often, with the same detail of a new mom, her story comes flowing out with readable emotion on her face and in her tone. This is why birth matters, it is an inevitable life changing moment that a mother never forgets.

My birthday was the other day and my birth mother messaged me happy birthday and shared details about my birth. Decades later she recalls the time, the day, who was there, how she felt and the tone of the room. With just a few sentences she conveyed that memory as an unforgettable and life changing moment.  If we know this, if we truly grasp this significance we need to strive to create positive birth memories because they shape us and remain with us forever.

Here are a few memories: Continue reading

Doula, Baby Nurse or Nanny?


As postpartum doulas grow in popularity, the confusion about what exactly they do seems to grow as well.  Some staffing agencies and childcare websites have begun using baby nurse, nanny and doula interchangeably which further adds to the confusion. The biggest difference between a doula and a baby nurse (or nanny) is that a nurse does for while a doula does to show how. Continue reading