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Maria Pyanov is a regular contributor to BellyBelly – The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting. Here you can find some of her articles.

Sleep or Exercise – What Should New Parents Choose? | BellyBelly Sleep or exercise? Both are so very important to emotional and physical wellbeing, yet they battle with each other! Which should you choose? Find out here.


5 Ways New Mothers Can Get Their Oxytocin Flowing | BellyBelly We loooove oxytocin! The hormone of love and bonding not only feels great, but strengthens bonds. Here are 5 ways new mothers can get an oxytocin boost.
8 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Postnatal Doula | BellyBelly Postnatal doulas (aka postpartum doulas) are angels for new mothers! If you’ve just had a baby or will soon, here’s why you should consider hiring one.
How To Support Parents Of Twins – 10 Helpful Tips | BellyBelly Do you know someone who is giving birth to twins? Or are you expecting twins? Here are 10 great tips for those who care about parents of twins — or more!
6 Ways To Heal Your Perineum After Giving Birth | BellyBelly You may be prepared to care for your baby’s bottom, but what about yours? Here are 6 fantastic tips to help heal your tender perineum after giving birth.
9 Best Tips For New Parents Of Twins | BellyBelly Soon to have twins — or just welcomed twins into your home? Congratulations! Here’s a great article chock full of best tips for new parents of twins!


7 Tips To Avoid Having An Episiotomy | BellyBelly Many pregnant women fear an episiotomy (a cut to the perineum). However, there are ways you can reduce your chances of an episiotomy. Here are 7 great tips.
Depression During Pregnancy – What You Need To Know | BellyBelly Pregnancy and depression – who would have thought that the two could exist together? Read about symptoms of depression during pregnancy and some solutions.
8 Ways To Support A Mother Who Has PND | BellyBelly Do you know a mother who has postntal depression (PND)? Here are 8 fantastic tips to help support a mother that you love or care about.
3 Energy Boosting Smoothies For Tired Parents | BellyBelly Did you know that you can boost your energy levels simply by what you put into your body? Here are 3 delicious energy boosting smoothies for tired parents.
9 Changes We Must Make To Increase Vaginal Birth Rates | BellyBelly We know c-section rates are far too high. We also know many things that effectively reduce them. Here are 9 changes we MUST make for it to become a reality.